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Off-Premise Catering

PDT Catering

Off-premise events are catering events at your chosen venue; a hall, event space, barn, backyard, park, rental property, the middle of the Adirondacks - whatever you can imagine - we've been there.  Every event is just as unique as you whether we drop food off or we produce the whole thing. How can we help you create your vision?

What do I need to know?

Holding an event in a space outside your home is just like going on vacation or camping. It's super exciting and always awesome but it  comes with a bit of work and understanding.  You need to bring all the things with you that you would normally have at home.  Some venues have things included like tables and chairs and might have a kitchen. Other situations, like outdoor weddings need everything including kitchen equipment, tent, lighting, tables, chairs maybe even water and electricity.

All these things can add to the cost of your event.  The common perception is that off-premise events cost less money than onsite events.  That can be true with the right space, food selection and services. Things to consider then you're planning:


Proximity and accessibility matters, how long to get there and can we can access the property.  Does the location have water, electricity, trash, and kitchen.  If  equipment needs to be rented or brought costs can be between $500-$1,000.  We have equipment or you can rent it.

Tables + Linens

If your venue does not have tables and chairs you'll need to rent them.  In addition if you're not using farm tables you'll need  linens, typically we put an under and an over linen on each table.  Pricing depends on the size of the tablecloth needed but a good  rule of thumb is to plan for    $20 per table for linen.  Linen napkins  can run up to $5 per  napkin and you need at least 25% more than your  guest count

Do you want cocktail hour, passed bites?  would you like a buffet, plated dinner, family style , stations or small plate service. Is dessert plated or a station.  Each of these services have different costs associated with them.  Buffet is the most cost effective if you're working in a tight budget.

Bar + Beverage

Bar services can range widely.  In some cases guests will provide their own beverages especially if they're at home.  Bar services can be purchased from us or with an outside service.  Costs can vary between $18-46 per person depending on the offereings and length of service

China vs Disposables

China, glassware and flatware look amazing especially when juxtaposed with a rustic setting. We offer rentals on all these up to 300 guests.  Cost for a basic  setting is $24 per person bar glasses, toasts and   additional wine glasses are extra.  Hihg-end disposables cost about $12 per person.

Late Nite

Some clients like to offer their  guests a late night snack  before departing for the night.  We're happy to supply this as a station or with our food truck.  These services range between $16-$28 per person depending on food selections and service


All our packages include our grazing table - charcuterie and hydration station, scratch-made food and gracious service


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