Our New Blog-space


We're excited to introduce you to our new blog! I'm Adam Foti - Creative Director and Owner of PDT Catering. In this space we'll be sharing our love of food and passion for creating beautiful things.


We thought this would be a great place to keep up on what we're doing and give you a bit more insight on who we are and what we do. Many of you know us already - here's a chance to get to know us better and what goes on inside our crazy brains from time to time


At least once-twice a week - sometimes more or less depending how busy we are:-)


Pictures, Recipes, Food Inspiration, Events (Past/Present), What's happening in the Kitchen, Farm, Studio and Maison (our evolving home offerings)


We love to hear from our friends/clients. If you have something you'd like us to share with you, let us know. We might always be able to tackle it in this forum but we'll do our best!!

Thank you!

Thank you for your support and coming along with us on this evolving journey


Now Booking at The Studio and The Farm

This week - with COVID restrictions lifting a bit we're finally able to let guests back into our spaces. WOOHOO!! We've missed seeing you all and spending time together - creating memories with food!

We had the pleasure to entertain a small group at The Studio for a plated dinner to celebrate a milestone birthday. If you're looking for a safe, sanitary place to host a dinner - we got you covered. Best part is - restaurant quality food in a private setting. Dress up, dress down - we don't care, we just want you to relax and enjoy your company and all the deliciousness we prepare just for you!

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