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Your Event Your Menu

We love food! We love to create or help you relive food memories.  It would be a favorite dish from your childhood or that amazing meal you ate on vacation.  Casual, formal or anything in between we make the food you want to eat.

Our chefs are trained professionals that have traveled the world.  We've eaten at some of the best (and worse) restaurants - from Michelin Star Restaurants to Street Food.  If we don't have it on a menu we'll work hard to recreate - we love a challenge


Inspired Menus

We know you don't know what you want or where to begin and need a little inspiration.  We're created themed food experiences that can help you on your path.


A few things to consider when planning you menu:

  • What are your favorite things to eat

  • What do you order when you go out

  • Seasonality of ingredients

  • Any dietary concerns or allergens